The above model illustrates the relationship within the software in our Suite. Everything starts with the our Legal Accounting system. The file number created is the reference number in all of our systems where matter number is required.

Our Document Management System records all office documents, pdf documents, emails and any other style of document defined within the practice. This is all driven from the matter number (file number) defined in Legal Accounting. The system has search routines within giving the ability to search for any of the above items within producer or partner. Search for text even within a document. The options are endless.

The General Ledger and GST module manage the financial elements of your business. The General Ledger maintains the financial reports (trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss etc) and the GST module manages the information required for your monthly/quarterly BAS statement.

The Mortgage Accounting system also interfaces to the Legal Accounting system using the same file number and interfacing to the General Ledger to create the financial accounts required.

The Settlement Calculator allows you to record ALL details pertaining to a settlement. Once again, our reference is the matter number. After details have been entered, the system gives you the ability to produce a settlement statement.

Contact Comparto today to arrange a demonstration of any or all systems within our suite. With your help, we can design a system that will meet your needs on a software and hardware level.